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coaching style

I have a very realistic and very pragmatic coaching approach.


I fully understand that there is no such thing as a “Personal life” or “Professional life”, instead, we have our LIFE, where we perform different roles: father, husband, brother, sister, friend, boss, employee, among many others.

And this knowledge is the foundation from which we start working together.

In an open, friendly, and non-judgmental environment we will work together to understand what is between your ‘now’ and your goals.

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Paulo Rebelo (USA)

“Anildo is an outstanding professional with keen insight, lives from a knowledge base, without having to draw attention to it, very committed, inspire great loyalty, focused to the results. He thinks big while also paying attention to the details. He is a great professional. He is a real leader.”

 Gilberto Cunha, PhD (Brazil)

“Anildo is an admirable professional. He has great leadership skills, knowledge, ability to work in groups, relationship and interpersonal communication, and objectivity”

 Alexandre Nahas (USA)

“Anildo is a great professional and has a lot of knowledge. He is a great professional, besides a great person. He is a real leader.”

Advice for free! Anyone?

Are you looking to increase your confidence, or working on your profile to be more adjusted to a Globalized environment? 

If you want to explore the possibility to work with me and understand how I can help, you have the option to book a 30 minutes discovery call, totally free!


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